About Us

Before entering our group, you should know everything about us and our past!

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What are we?

We're a small group of normal players or cheaters (it's all up to you whether you decide to cheat or not) that play competitive games or other championships together. Our team was born one day when two guys decided to call a small group of normal players 'CyberJihads'. Then, after this brilliant call, we tried to change it to fit it as a group name. After couple of attemps, we eventually created our new name - 'CyberJihad Clan' that lasts up to now.

Our Steam Group




Web Developer & Programmer

This guy programmed all this stuff and is responsible for creating internal and external cheats in Visual Studio 2017.



Web Designer & CyberJihad King

This guy designed the whole website and is responsible for the styling on this holy-created website.

Our Products

Our programmer has programmed a pretty stuff so far and you're able to test it out. Only the free ones, of course!

Cheating with style!

Your are now able to cheat whenever you consider it right! It's almost free and cheap!

Made with love

Everything here is just for you. We love you all, guys! Have fun here!

Programmed perfectly!

Our cheats are programmed perfectly for our users to test it out!

Fast & perfect!

Our cheats are as fast as you think they are! Why is that so? Because it's programmed by the best programmer in the world!

Problems not seen!

We have made our cheats the way we really like it, so it means there aren't any problems with them as well. Try it out!

Reliable users!

You wouldn't find any guy that could insult you or threaten you here. We are the peaceful community! Enjoy it here!


Here you can find the description for each of the cheats here. I hope you like it!

Play as if it's gift *Triggerbot*

Triggerbot is a gift itself from the God. With this excellent stuff, you're now able to auto-shoot your enemies when you're holding down MMB button on your mouse!

Rontgen Eyes *Wallhack*

Play as if you have Rontgen eyes! You're now able to see your enemies through any obstacles on the map even if they are out of your sight! It's really useful stuff.

Find the great angle! *Aimlock*

With this hack, you're now able to aim automatically at your enemies even if you're flying in the air! Try it out! It's pretty slick!

Quotes from our members!

Check it out! Our users have spoken of our website and clan! OH!

“I thought I would never find the best team I could play in. Thank God I met you guys! Cheers!”

Daniel Crowd Member

“We've always admired this clan - it makes people more unite!”

WisTerWeb Designer

“I have always thought of myself as a programmer. My dream came true when I tried to cooperate with these guys!”

Merry Programmer


Our cheats are for sale now! Be aware of any news that could come!



A regular package containing external cheats that are more undetectable

  • Triggerbot
  • Wallhack
  • Autobunnyhop
  • VAC Detection: Medium



Fine package containing external cheats that are randomized and VAC Secured!

  • Triggerbot
  • Wallhack
  • Autobunnyhop
  • Aimlock
  • VAC Detection: None



Enterprise package containing internal cheats that are randomized and fully VAC Secured!

  • Triggerbot, Aimlock
  • Autobunnyhop, Wallhack
  • NoFlash, SpinBot
  • Box Renderer, Box Names
  • Fully Undetected!

Additional Information

Find out more about our web or its features right here!

Difference between internal and external cheats

These type of cheats are always useful when you want to own a game as if you've programmed it recently ...

>Coming Soon<

I want to see how 'Enterprise' pack looks like

Are you really interested in finding out how our Enterprise pack looks like? You have a chance now, check it out ...

>Coming Soon<

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